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Jan Lelie (
21 Nov 95 05:59:22 EST

Replying to LO3755 --

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In Replying to LO3755 I quoted C. Argyris. "However good your memory is,
you should look up everything you quote" (Richard Allen in "Richard Allen
talking sense"(1972) Pitman Medical) . Here is the correct quote:

"If we define learning as the detection and correction of error, then
learning is a core activity of any organization and any Management
Information System. (Italics by Argyris:) Inner contradiction: learning
about other's performance in order to control their performance may
inhibit learning (italics- end)."

Source: Argyris, C.: "Some inner contradictions in MIS"; Lucas et al. eds.
The Information Systems Environment (Bonn, 1979), North-Holland Publ.
Co.(1980) page 15-25.

Jan Lelie