Fractals LO3775

John Conover (
Mon, 20 Nov 1995 16:56:49 -0800

Has anyone thought about the pictograph at the bottom of page 81, of
the 5D book being a prescription for a fractal. It looks like:

      |                  |
    positive      satisfied customer
    word                 |
     of                  |
    mouth                |
      |                  |

which, if there is any random variablity, for example in sales, (which we
would anticipate,) it would be an algorithm for a fractal process. Kind of
interesting, since conventional statistical methods, (eg., anything
dealing with "bell curves," or standard deviations,) would be an
inappropriate methodology since it is a *_cumulative sum_* of a random
process-this is an issue that "program traders" exploit, since such
processes are the "engine" of speculative markets, both capital and stock.
Also interesting since it is the "engine" of the the corporate P&L. There
is a substantial mathematical infrastructure that has been developed to
analyze such phenomena. Kind of interesting because revenue rates,
organizational development, etc., could, I would suppose at least in
principle, possibly be analyzed under one set of logical rules.


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