Re: Learning Histories LO3757
Sun, 19 Nov 1995 07:16:35 -0500

Replying to LO3744 --

I am looking forward to hearing the varied ways in which people are
developing learning histories in their organizations. I read Beth Clarks
description of the traditional engineering 'configuration
management/project histories', and do expect that learning histories could
provide such debriefs, but that they also go beyond that.
In the May 1995 Sysytems Thinker (Pegasus Communications 615-576-1231)
George Roth and Art Kleiner describe their picture of a learning history
as something that reports not only action and results, but something that
also looks at assumptions held throughout the effort from a variety of
perspectives. It involves quite a bit of documented reflection. Those
interested in the storytelling conversation that has been on this list
might find this article interesting also.
Again, I join with Maggie in seeking word from people who are doing
this or have done this in some form. I am thinking of how to use a
combination of media in a history. Video sems like it would be
particularly powerful.
best , Fran Alexander