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David J. Altman (
Thu, 16 Nov 1995 16:05:20 -0500

Hello All -

Gald to find this list. I am a first year student at the Darden School =
of Business at the University of Virginia. Left a three year stint in =
technology strategy consulting in the defense community.

I very interested in the application of learning organizations as well =
the application of quantum model to organizations. Any ideas or pointers =
to info are always welcomed.

I am thinking of how to get my business school more involved in these =
ideas and expose the community to pratical applications. I was =
wrestling with the idea of attempting to have a bi-weekly discussion on =
these topics. Just schedule a hour to have a conversation with those =
that are interested and see what happens. Any thoughts?

I have been reading the book the Quantum self by Danah Zohar and having =
been thinking about how to apply some of these ideas to organizations. =
I have read Meg Wheatley's book, but still lack a good conception of how =
to structure applicable change processes. I would love some feedback.

I look forward to participating.

david altman
"David J. Altman" <>