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Fides wrote:
>I have been musing on the parallels between psychotherapy and
>organizational change . . .

Indeed, my brother (who works in Illinois as a family counselor) first
brought Bateson and Watzlawick et al to my attention through Bateson's
book, _Steps to an Ecology of Mind_. My area of expertise (? practice?)
is systems design and more specifically information systems design. The
parallels between his field of study and mine continue to surprise me,
although I guess by this time they shouldn't.

My contribution to the books-worth-reading list:

The Annotated Alice -- Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass
as annotated by Martin Gardner, New American Library 1960

I find myself reading it again every year, re-casting people around me as
the White Knight or the Red Queen. At times various of us on the list
seem to adopt the role of HumptyDumpty.

ps It's even better if you can get someone to read it -to- you!

Michael A

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