Re: Strategic/Scenario Planning LO3707

Mon, 13 Nov 1995 22:33:25 BST

Replying to LO3699 --

Bob Luttman wrote:

> Good strategic planning involves creating a shared vision and surfacing
> our mental models, which is a conversation process. Scenario planning etc.
> are only as good as the conversations they facilitate.

Good strategic planning involves a great deal more than creating a shared
vision and surfacing mental models!!! Think of a graph with Management's
mental model of the situation along the vertical axis (ranging from Wrong
to Right) and Consensus along the horizontal axis (ranging from Low to
High). Management could certainly create a shared vision with very high
consensus on the wrong mental model of the business! This is the paradox
which no amount of qualitative analysis can help resolve, and where
scenario planning and quantitative modeling emerge in the strategic
planning process. The value of scenario planning goes far beyond being
useful only to facilitate conversation.

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