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Michel, Christopher J. (
Fri Nov 03 1995 08:50 -0500

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Geoff Fountain writes...

>The question that might sum this up is "what is the best process to
>begin the healing and for creating new, generative relationships and
>personal mastery within this department ?" My colleague and I have
>begun to discuss this and would appreciate any feedback, either on the
>list or directly to me. Also, perhaps the question could be better


In the fall of 1993, I was in the middle of (we still are) major
organizational change with AT&T. NCR, (re-named AT&T GIS) purchased in
1991, was being re-defined as an AT&T company. The first downsizing took
place at that time (we just completed another). At that time, I was also
completing an undergraduate degree program at Antioch University. As a
Senior Project, I prepared a research paper titled "Making the Chaos Make
Sense." In the paper, I used excepts from [ AFTERSHOCK, Helping People
Through Corporate Change ] by Harry Woodward and Steve Buchholz. I highly
recommend this book as it is designed to help those left after downsizing
deal with the "people breakage" which has occurred.

Chris Michel