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Hi there !

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>The question that might sum this up is "what is the best process to
>begin the healing and for creating new, generative relationships and
>personal mastery within this department ?" My colleague and I have
>begun to discuss this and would appreciate any feedback, either on the
>list or directly to me. Also, perhaps the question could be better

Your question is suggesting that there is one best way to start the
healing process. I don't think there is. But it seems to me that your
colleague is up against people who are traditionalists. According to wise
men like Nonaka (see Organization Science 1/94) dialogue depends on some
redundancy. The holders of the traditionalist view probably do not
understand your colleagues language. So one way is to speak their
language, and show them that there is very little evidence that firing
people give the expected results, in terms of increased profit.

Sitting in Norway I could give you references to our practices published
in Norwegian, but that would be of little help to you. Instead I recommend
"Guide to Responsible Restructuring", published by U.S. Department of
Labor, Office of the American Workplace, 1995. It contains:

- the Downsides of Downsizing
- Myths and Facts about Downsizing
- The Case for Restructuring
- Best Practices in Restructuring
- Guidelines for Responsible Restructuring

Reading and discussing this paper could be a way to establish common
ground. From there and out you will have to find your responsible way to
do things.


Wiggo Hustad

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