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Wed, 1 Nov 1995 22:51:20 -0500

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It's the large organization that's about to embark on the journey. The
destination is a world-class company as defined by the criteria for the
Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. They are using the criteria as
guidelines for designing a management system which will enable such a

>Replying to LO3519 --
>What are they trying to transform into?
>>Jack Hirschfeld wrote
>>"A training/development department of a large organization which is about
>>to embark on a journey of transformation wants to rename itself. The new
>>name must be bold but credible, and take into account that the surrounding
>>culture, though moribund, is deeply entrenched, and like all long-standing
>>cultures, stiff and conservative. Any suggestion for a new name that
>>would invite buy-in from executives, managers and hourly workers alike?"
>Trina Smith, Ph.D.
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