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Wed, 1 Nov 1995 19:29:41 -0500

Replying to LO3541 --

Re comments on love and truth from Suzanne

Most of my work is as a trainer/teacher and facilitator. I have strong
analystical and articulating skills, the ability to communicate complex
ideas and practices in "graspable" terms. But, what gives me the greatest
satisfaction and many of my audiences the greatest meanming is my ability
to "be"with people. When I used to be a pastor, I excelled at liturgy and
helping people feel WELCOME. Is that the role of a good facilitator that
Suzanne referred to.
I recently asked Marcus Borg and Richard Rohrbaugh, two of the
world's most prominant Jesus scholars, why they felt people were so
willing to follow Jesus. Their answer, his Presence, a way of being and
compassion that moved people. I'm not much of one for religion anymore
(though I maintain a strong spirituality and study of Jesus), but is there
a provocative parallel between their observation on Jesus, feedback way
with groups, and Suzanne's question/comments on what makes a good
As we struggle not to drown in a monsoon of information and change,
perhaps our greatest gifts of people are wisdom and presence - a way of
being more than doing. Practioners of zen, meditation and the like have
known that for a long time. The question for us: how do you
train/coach/facilatate someone else to "be"? Perhaps our greatest work is
done when we embody our whole Self.

David Drake