Intro -- Roxanne Abbas LO3010

Roxanne S. Abbas (
30 Sep 95 15:45:38 EDT


I have greatly enjoyed reading your messages over the past few weeks and
feel it is time to introduce myself. I am an independent consultant
specializing in the design of employee compensation (remuneration) systems
and performance management and feedback systems. I also teach
compensation design at the Management Center of St. Thomas University in
Minneapolis, MN.

I use learning organization concepts in my work both directly and
indirectly on a daily basis. For example, I apply systems thinking in
helping my clients understand that their pay and performance systems must
be aligned with their business strategy and must support the culture they
are trying to develop or maintain. I use mental models to help people see
how their assumptions and beliefs about what should and should not be done
with employee pay often create conflict and blind them to possibilities.

I am a member of a business book club and we have recently formed a Field
Guide discussion group. I had the opportunity to talk about our study
approach with Peter Senge when he was in Minneapolis a few weeks ago. He
suggested that we start our reading on a particular topic that one of our
members is working on and then hop around the book as our interest leads
us. We will be starting with my primary interest at the present which is
dialogue. I would like to learn how to help my client companies learn to
use dialogue. I generally work with employee design teams of 8 - 10
employees who represent a diagonal slice of the organization. Would it
make sense for me to try to work with just "my team" or should I have
buy-in on the technique for the whole organization? I would appreciate
learning from your experiences.

Roxanne Abbas, 75263,3305