STIA- Senge Keynote LO3004

Sat, 30 Sep 1995 01:10:34 +0000

Here are my notes/thoughts from the 1995 Systems Thinking in Action
Conference, "Building Organizational Learning Infrastructures," Sep.
18-20, 1995, Boston.

Keynote - Infrastructures for Sustaining Transformational Change - Peter Senge

The importance of storytelling. Thomas Berry with the Teilhard de
Chardin society: "We have lost our story." Old story is dysfunctional, new
story is still coming into creation. We are between stories. Holograms -
we all have the story.
Planning as learning: The plan is irrelevant, the process of planning
is vital.
Interplay of organizational architecture and deep learning cycle (see
article [the introduction] in the 5th Discipline Fieldbook). The triangle
is there only to support the circle. Work on organizational architecture
to see deep learning cycle to see implicate order.

Jim Saveland
USDA Forest Service