Re: Future of HR in LOs LO2983

Art Kleiner (
Fri, 29 Sep 1995 13:25:20 -0500

Replying to LO2970 --

>This is a very sad
>general indictment of HR. There are exceptions to this generalized
>statement, but not many.

Barry, why would this be so true of Human Resources? What is it about this
particular profession that makes it so, well, stodgy? And would HR people
see themselves the same way?

>The light at the end of the tunnel indicates that this state of affairs
>does not have to continue. It can change. However, if most HR functions do
>not change fast, they will be left in the "reengineered out" line.

Among the people I've talked with there are two scenarios: HR people
become as slick, devious and politically skillful as Hollywood agents...
or HR disappears as a profession, to be replaced by something new.

Neither of those futures strikes me as particularly "learning-ful" --- or
does it? ArtK

Art Kleiner,