Re: STIA- About Interventions?? LO2981

Barry Mallis (
29 Sep 1995 08:05:23 -0400

Reply to: RE>STIA: About Interventions?? LO2964

Dave, about this intervention thing...

I was surprised you wrote about it, because of what you said about how it
is your job to assist teams. Truly I wonder if we haven't gotten mired in
a semantic circle with this word intervention.

A some version of the Socratic Method, You, Dave, probably ELICIT the kind
of understanding from many people which allows them to move forward on
their own. I'm really missing something here. Maybe I've been scanning
LO postings too much, and I should be parsing them--I don't get the
problem here.

If someone shows me a new tool I've never seen before, and provides me
with but a few suggestions on how it may be used, does that mean that this
intervention will a)make me defensive about future new tool use, and
b)stifle my ingenuity? We all know that's silly.

I'm almost ready to trash this (my) posting, but I'll send it anyway. I
think we're dancing around an underbelly problem of consultancy at its
worst, when at its best it draws us out and launches us on our own.

Barry Mallis