Best Intro Exercise? LO2977

Ivancic, Maria ML (
Fri, 29 Sep 95 10:24:00 PDT

Hi, all. I am in the very early stages of introducing our organisation
(and myself) to learning organisation principles and would be grateful of
some advice regarding an opportunity I have.

I have been offered up to 3 hours at the beginning of a 2 day
Forecasting/Planning session for one of our development groups (about 25
people), to talk to them about Learning Organisations. Rather than just
give them some kind of presentation on all the theory, I was hoping to be
able to introduce them to some facet of LO's by way of an exercise which
will help them with the session they are embarking on. I was thinking
along the lines of skillful discussion techniques but I am very wary of
trying to squeeze something into the 3 hours that is not really
squeezable. I have to be very careful that I don't do more harm than good
- given that I have to sell the idea of the learning organisation. I
don't want them to come away thinking "What was all that about?"

Does anyone have any ideas? I am also aware that the best option might be
to do nothing rather than risk messing it up. Over the longer term I am
planning longer workshops with groups but I thought this might be a good
opportunity to start getting the message across, while at the same time
helping the group with their planning.

By the way, I am not intending to do this myself, rather to find a
facilitator who has had experience in this type of thing.


Maria Ivancic