Forming a Group LO2968

Willard Jule (
27 Sep 95 23:07:32 EDT

Replying to LO2947 --

Clyde made the comment in LO2866, "Treat everyone appropriate to their
situation and circumstance."

Andrew said LO2947, "Isn't this acting like a 'chameleon?'"

I would like to suggest that in fact it is the most effective way to treat
people. Consider the three golden rules.

He who has the gold rules. The golden rule of power.

Do unto others as you would be done unto. The biblical golden rule.

Do unto others as they would be done unto. You will note that the
biblical golden rule is a subset of this rule which I like to call the
platinum rule.

The problem with the biblical golden rule is it assumes everyone is the
same. If you want to have ineffective relationships all you have to do is
to show others love the way you would receive love. If you want to have
effective relationships ask people how they receive love and then give it
to them that way.

If you want to communicate effectively, you learn the other person's frame
of reference and then communicate in it.

I think your comment that if we aren't achieving our goal however we are
acting then choose other actions is sage advice.

What do you think Andrew and what do others think?

Willard Jule <>