Unabomber and the LO LO2954

Tue, 26 Sep 95 10:36:49 EST

LO folks might want to consider the Unabomber's essay that was published
in the Post last week. If technological society is reducing freedom, is
LO making it proceed more quickly? Now that workers are thoroughly
behavioralized, does mental modeling make sure that their minds follow?
Each of us can recite elaborate justifications for the social value our
work, but is it all within the progress juggernaut? There are answers,
but they aren't easy.

I just finished a brief interpretation of the Unabomber's essay. It has
some summaries and might be useful in deciding whether you want to bother
with the text. I'll send a copy (19 kbytes) to anybody who requests it.
Host's Note: requests for Kent's document should go to him, not to the
learning-org address. Thanks.

Kent Myers   703 803-2430