STIA Conference Poem LO2952

Willard Jule (
27 Sep 95 07:10:07 EDT

Replying to LO2946 -- was: STIA Conference Reports LO2946
[...Geof Fountain and I asked Willard to send in his complete poem.
--Your host...]

Here's the complete conference poem I wrote.

Magic or Creation

Expecting magic, he got ashes. Expecting nothing, he created his

Magic is for Children

Flying high above the clouds;
Grooves and ripples and waves abound.
Pondering conscious quanta.
Will this fuel our future ground?

Centered again in creation.
Moved away from holding hands.
Once more reinforced in doing;
Free again to dream and plan.

Moving from a prideful vale,
Humility propels me up life's hill.
Possibility shatters fear's cocoon;
Magic no longer casts Lorelei's spell.

We seem lulled into numbness Falling into someone else's plan.
Losing contact with our self. Forgetting our fate is in our

Overwhelmed by life's small tales.
Trapped by the attractor, "Here I am."
Conscious creation slips away stolen
By dependence on mother's feeding

I still want to believe that
Merlin will make it all transpire.
I join the clever battle
To unlock the secret to free fire.

I want to win life's prize of peace
Without putting in the toil.
I want to harvest the crop of life
Without preparing fertile soil.

I find myself in anger because The secret will not itself reveal.
"How dare you hold back the bounty? I'll force you to serve and

But then sometimes I awaken with
Nature's message bright upon my screen.
"No river ever grew and stayed from
Yesterday not here to today a raging

The lights go on! The current sings!
No longer look outside yourself!
Pay the price to make it, OR
Accept it will not make itself.

Spending energy the shortcut to find
Ensures I'll never reach my goal.
Building the future step by step
A full life is gained for that toll.

How many times must the screen light
Message lost and then regained.
It seems it's once a week or more;
Maybe this time to be sustained.

Stable bridges seemed to hold
A path to a meaningful life.
Surfing in a hurricane seems more apt
A metaphor to guide our current strife.

Spend my time falling from the board
In ever greater swells.
Here is where security's source
For everyone forever dwells.

Willard Jule <>