Re: Deming-based Transformation LO2944
Tue, 26 Sep 1995 19:50:56 -0400

In LO2923, Martin Raff wrote,

>David J. Skyrme asked (in a msg off the list) about my experience
>of leading a Deming based transformation--

>> What kind of reaction did you receive?


>The initial reaction by my colleagues in other Regions of the
>Service was one of disbelief and incredulity.

Ditto!! Still find people do not believe the kind of change
which occurs is real. Within my local community and without
using my name as the leader, people say that the data I present
HAVE TO BE MISSING something. It is impossible to ....
quality, productivity, and competitive position ... that fast.

The old saw - You have to believe it to see it - applies here.
Modification - You have to do it to believe it.

>I found David's points about PAIN and GAIN being motivators for
change in leaders ringing true. My PAIN was our Region's poor

Martin - The question, did PAIN lead to your permanent desire to
create or be an architect of your own future? It sounds like you
started envisioning a better way to be (after the pain was alleviated)
and continued on the path of systemic improvement. My limited
perspective suggests this is not the usual pattern. I have mostly
observed PAIN reduction followed by complacency - YES even
in today's world.

What were some of the new connections that influenced
your change in beliefs from command and control to Deming based
management? Many managers I get to talk with in Michigan (mostly)
suffer the PAIN, take a PAIN pill, and relapse into PAIN causing
behavior. It may be instructive (for some of us attempting to assist
management their personal transformation) to hear some of your
change. Extra question - How large was the group of people you
started the effort with?

Resonate!!! Great story you told. Hope this effort that you started
is continuing .

Have a great day!!