Re: Kids on Teamwork LO2935
Mon, 25 Sep 1995 21:06:15 -0400

Replying to LO2896 --

In LO2896, Dr. Ivan Blanco posed some of the reasons for
masking our inquiring minds

>>- - Our parents who constantly ask us to stop asking "why"!
- - Our teachers in school, from K through College, who demand
compliance and conformance, and present themselves as the only
source of knowledge, etc.
- - Our managers who insist that we are paid to work and not to
- - Our churches that prensent us with ideas that cannot be

Anyone seen a culture that attempts to avoid questions?

People think the question asker knows THE answer and is just
using the question as way to set people up (entrap them) and
make them feel foolish. Doesn't matter if an answer follows the
question or not.

Interesting phenonemon - Ask a question of another person in
a meeting. Even explain the reason why the question is being
asked. A common response IMHO is 'Why are you asking that
question?' within seconds of the questioner having stated the
reason why.

Seems there is an inference that by simply asking a question,
the questioner has an unstated question which JUST HAS TO
EXIST for the first question to have been asked. It may sound
like this just happens only at work. Happens also outside of work-
at conferences, public training programs, business meetings with
customers or suppliers.

Have a great day!!

Dave Buffenbarger
Organizational Improvement Coach
Dow Chemical Company