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Fri, 22 Sep 95 05:49:19 EDT

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From: Steve J Rice (Facilitator/Coach) STEVE @ HURSLEY
Subject: Re: Using Silence in Meetings LO2910


a slightly different slant on the described technique taught to me on my
facilitation training was.

Ask one person to keep there arm straight.

Ask second delegate to bend it. (On the assumption that the first
does not know the technique person one
strains and gets red-faced but has to
bend their arm)

Then tell person one to imagine that they have a laser beam extending from
the end of their fingers and hitting an object in line and bursting into
flames. Concentrate on that image.

Now when person 2 tries to bend their arm person one will without apparent
strain and looking very calm be able to keep their arm straight, whilst
person 2 is now straining and going red-faced.

This was used to illustrate how we let our fear of failing actually
contribute to that failing. If we can "distract" this fear by
concentrating on something else we are far more capable than we would
Host's Note: This is a different exercise, one we use in certain
Innovation Associates programs, also from Aikedo. It's consistently been
effective for several years. I'll add just a note about safety in this
exercise: be particularly careful 1) to match people of similar
size/strength, 2) that person 2 is trying to bend the arm in the *proper*
direction (the direction in which the elbow joint actually can bend!) and
3) Person 2 grabs person 1's arm *at or above* the wrist so the wrist is
not strained.

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