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>On Thu, 14 Sep 1995 wrote:
>> I gave a presentation yesterday that turned out very well, partly because
>> my plans for making it serial and orderly were thwarted. I didn't have
>> time to make overhead slides, and conversation just before the
>> presentation induced me to insert contextual material. What I had to work
>> with was a marvelously huge white board. I wrote notes as I presented
>> segments, and interesting connections started bouncing around between the
>> segments. I was learning things as I talked. The academic systems
>> thinkers in the audience loved it, but I suspect the others were disturbed
>> by the untidiness and uncertainty. Perhaps that's not bad.
>> Richard S. Carson Assocs, Falls Church, VA

Kent, Are you familiar with the technique and rationale of mindmapping
(and related nonlinear approaches)? It sounds like your experience was
very much in line with that approach. Add an electronic whiteboard, such
as a SoftBoard, to the experience and you can provide a "high tech"
dimension to your presentations and discussions (and even the process of
dialogue). There are also software programs, such as Inspiration, that try
to capture the freeflowing, nonlinear, and systemic nature of mindmapping.

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