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Diana Jones (
Tue, 19 Sep 1995 14:42:54 +1200

Hello everyone. I'm a consultant with my own business working in NZ
organisations both public and private sector. The services I offer are
strategic and business planning,team development, facilitating
organisation decision events, executive coaching, training and performance
management - anything which assists people have more satisfying working
relationships as they achieve their goals. I've been in business since
1989. Prior to this I was a senior manager for 3 and a half years in a NZ
management development group, and prior to that I taught on a masters
degree programme at Victoria University here in Wellington NZ for 9 years
focussing on the development of policy and its application in practice. My
own professional development is in psychodrama and I am currently
completing my assessment as sociometrist (a sociometrist works with the
relationships between people in groups). In the late 80's I was a trainer
in the Looking Glass simulation, technology from the Center for Creative
Leadership in North Carolina.What am I interested in? Systems anaylsis of
organisations and subsequent consulting interventions, what (roles,
behaviours, systems) need to be present in organisations for people to
learn, the evolving role of consultants in organisations, dynamics in
groups, developing and maintaining relationships in difficult situations
and finding out how other practitioners are assessing and working with
organisation problems.

-- (Diana Jones)