Re: Design for One-Day Retreat LO2863

Mr Crispin Hemson (
Mon, 18 Sep 1995 12:38:40 GMT +0200

Replying to LO2817 --

In response to the question of design for a one-day retreat, I am
presently facing a very similar issue here. I agree that the
familiar sequence outlined in one reply does not get to the key

Isn't part of the problem that we may assume the problem as
one of information, or of lack of vision, when often it is rather the
rigidities of those involved? Not that information and vision are
not important; in some groups though they are not the sticking point.

So I'm thinking of directing the retreat towards addressing more
directly the emotional rigidities that constrain thinking - the fears
and hopelessness that make people build something interesting and
problematic into a reason for defeat. One way will be to push hard
for people to be extremely pleased with what they've achieved, and
not let them rehearse their negativities. Beyond that I haven't
planned - it's still a few days off!

Crispin Hemson


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