Re: Design for One-Day Retreat LO2836
Fri, 15 Sep 95 15:54:08 EST

Replying to LO2817 --

Two ideas:

a. Insist that participants prepare before they come, and expect to
continue working afterward. The session is for practice and advice, like
going to a golf clinic. Nobody goes to a golf clinic without clubs and a
bad swing, or expects not to play again until the next clinic. I'm amazed
that one-day seminars will talk about the wonders of continuous learning
without attempting it.

b. Forget the context section. What worker is unaware of what he has
been doing? What is the point of all this preliminary throat-clearing?
I'm a little sensitive about this. The Defense Dept has spent vast
amounts on as-is description with two results: the participants don't
remember what they were supposed to do next, and the old rationalizations
that they initially doubted are now found to be convincing.