Design for One-Day Retreat LO2826

Fri, 15 Sep 95 05:54:50 EDT

Replying to LO2817 --


you ask "how can you help this group"
I would first say that recognition that the best/only people to help
"this group" is the group itself.
THEY have the problem (whatever it is)
THEY know the circustances behind their problem
THEY may not know it, but, THEY have the solutions.

My own approach to the day would be to
1. Agree with the "sponsor" of the day what you plan
2. Scrap the agenda, but have a framework in mind (more later)
3. Let the group determine the day (within your framework)
4. Aim for a framework which allows:
a) Dumping of frustrations in a structured way.
e.g Run a session of "What's wrong with the current team?"
b) What influences are their (Internal to team)
(external to team)
Which are you prepared to "live with"
Which do you want to change
c) Ultimately work towards a session that determines:
"If this group were perfect, working practices, relationships
etc. What would it look like?"
d) Then take them through a session of
"Well if this is perfection, what did we DO to get here"
The emphasis should be on "We are here, what DID we DO". This
causes a change of mindset from the uphill struggle to
reminiscing about our achievements
5. This should give you a list of "Things to DO", now get somebody to
"OWN" doing it.
6. Plan to have a review to ensure it's happening

Just my brief thoughts, hope this helps,

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