Re: Kids on Teamwork LO2790
Thu, 14 Sep 1995 08:51:02 +1200

Replying to LO2771 --

> My dad would say to my little brother when we were young, "Do you want to
> race me up the stairs or do you want me to carry you up the stairs?"
> My little brother would hastily retort, "I AM NOT GOING TO BED!"
> :)
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> Host's note (slightly perplexed): So, Andrew, I guess the moral of this
> story is that kids are awfully smart. If so, I certainly agree.
> ----

It seems to me there is another lesson in this lovely vignette for us, and
that is that somewhere, deep inside every adult, is the intuitive child
that KNOWS the truth and reacts appropriately to those situations where a
manager says something like " We're going to change this organisation into
one that has participatory management. You are hereby empowered", but
REALLY means " Let's see if THIS will screw more productivity out of you
so that we can then fire half of you."

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