List addiction LO2783

Gary&Lilly Evans (
12 Sep 95 23:28:13 EDT

Hello all,

Just to ask: has anyone else felt / feel that they are developing a sort
of addiction to this list? If not, I must be the only one. Here is early
morning, I am still not packed and should be ready for a flight at 10 am.
Must be something strong to get me to write this.

Like Joe, I will be away for about two weeks - so, lots of late nights to
catch up! Keep it up, it is all so engrosing, exciting and fulfilling.
In fact, I have noticed that my reactions and mail tone definitely depends
on the hour of the day (or more likely night) when I write it. Similarly
about the reactions to stuff that I read. So, can anyone hazard a quess
who are the owls and who are the larks among us?


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