STiA Followup in S.Africa and UK LO2780

Gary&Lilly Evans (
12 Sep 95 20:07:57 EDT

Dear all,

>From the previous occassions of attending the Systems Thinking in Action
conference, its fringe events and speaking to lots of people, I have found
it invaluable to reflect on the impressions with others. This reflection
takes two forms. First, I seek to hear and exchange observations and
views with those who have also attended the event soon upon return to home
base. Then, I offer to speak to all comers interested in the developments
but unable to attend themselves.

The former is in hand, as I know of 5 UK attendees so far. Others, please
let me know. Ditto, South African contingent. The later is more fluid,
since I am not part of a large organisation any more. Hence my offer and
proposal to the followers of this list in UK and South Africa (where I am
going at the end of month).

I would undertake to arrange suitable date and place and invite all those
who have expressed an interest to share with as many of the attendees as
can make it in the learning journey we went through. We would aim for a
date between 2nd and 4th of October (inclusive) in Johanesburg (most
likely hosted by ABSA Bank), and a date in the week starting 9th October
for UK (probably London, but I am open to suggestions).

Look forward to making this exchange happen.

lilly evans	e-mail

"No life can be considered to be fully lived if it has not benefited from all the encounters of which it is capable. Today hope is sustained above all by the prospects of meeting new people." Theodore Zeldin "An Intimate History of Humanity"