Re: LO as Hype/Fad? LO2759

Barry Mallis (
12 Sep 1995 08:28:03 -0400

Replying to LO2733 --


I like you thoughts very much.

When I first heard about Organizational Learning or Learning
Organizations, I was really confused. I still am today, but that's
another matter.

With all the education opportunities, the kinds of teaching methods,
instructional techniques, knowledge of group dynamics, isn't LO another
coinage, a way for someone to sell a few books about relatively
long-standing ideas under a new, grab-it-up-now name?

Deep down, my answer to myself is yes. And as long as we admit that,
we're OK, we're avoiding unnecessary self-aggrandizement and maybe even
unnecessary repetitions. It's as though we're calling automobiles
something new, like "TPP", getting all wrapped up in it, and generating
discourse about territory already covered, visited, denuded of its

Don't get me wrong, I think this discourse is most valuable to me in my
job, for which I thank all participants. I just want to be sure that
content is as de-mystified as the form (Internet) which it takes.

Best regards,
Barry Mallis