Re: Forming a Group LO2749

jack hirschfeld (
Mon, 11 Sep 1995 21:32:55 -0400

Replying to LO2716 --

Replying to LO2710, Michael McMaster asks:
>Are these valid assumptions? At least some of the team is very likely to
>either not share these fully or to have contradictory ones even though
>they agree with the two assumptions stated.
>What about, "I want to look good" or "I have a particular way that I want
>some part of this to be done that I've already decided is best"?

...and then he continues...

>A dialogue is not a rational process - it is a process of full human

I find this reminder of the nature of human communication - that it is
likely to be larger than its "stated" content - extremely important. Many
people will characterize communications freighted with irrational
contradiction and emotional and/or egocentric considerations as flawed or
weak or bad. Thank you, Michael, for the reminder that such
communications are *human*, and are also characteristic of our
communications at their best.

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