Re: Forming a Group LO2742

Bill Mitchell (
Mon, 11 Sep 1995 18:32:55 -0500

Replying to LO2722 --

> 3) Everyone's contribution is worthy of attention.

I did not state it though I certainly believe it. Thanks!

The following is from a personal response from Tobin to myself. I include
ot to keep you all up to date.

> 2) We have different assumptions about what is important and we
> need to explore the assumptions so that we can all learn and grow
> together.
>Here I would suggest that differences of opinion can very profitably come
> 3) differing _perspectives_ of the "problem" and that this is not
>quite the same as assumptions and is probably as valuable to explore.
>This is linked perhaps to my earlier point about everyone's contribution
>being worthy of attention. If the core group is able to adequately
>capture and examine the various "perspectives" of the experts,
>themselves, and others, my sense is that the illumination of the core issues
>will be more thorough and more fruitful as well. Often what is needed
>most when confronted with a "problem" is a new perspective which turns it
>into an opportunity or a resource.

I would agree that differing perspectives are important and we consider
them in evaluating the options. I am not clear on how they relate to
dialogue. I could see a different perspective being expressed through a
different assumption. (Ex. I think the customer would prefer to do it this
way.) Or I could see it being expressed through a difference in material
fact. (Ex. I think that the estimate is too low.) But how else would I
express a "perspective" in a dialogue?

Maybe I am using the word "assumption" as a broader concept then is
commonly understood. I think of the word "assumption" to include those
concepts that guide my thought process but which are not normally capable
of being explicitly stated. Through dialogue and thought I can explicitly
state them and examine them. Belief = collection of assumptions.
Perspective = collection of assumptions.

Have I again run into a problem with English and communication?