Army Leadership Symposium LO2740
Mon, 11 Sep 1995 16:15:09 -0600 (CST)

Call for Suggestions:

We are putting together an unusual symposium examining the
following leadership aspects:
* Time constrained, technology supported organizational decision
making in non-hierarchical, internetted organizations
* Recognizing and utilizing aspects of distributive leadership
* Cognitive and value requirements for future organizational
leaders (e.g., civilan SBU heads or equivalent or Army equivalents); the
moral effect of future warfare
* The organizational leader's role (e.g., SBU heads or civilian or
Army equivalents) in creating and maintaining high performance operations
across networks of organizations and cultures.
* Short and long term development implications for future Army or
civilian organizational leaders or commanders; building a
self-instructional model for enhancing leader development.

This symposium is unusual because:
* Author working papers will not be presented as such but their
summaries will serve as the basis for discussion by practitioners and
scholars in small groups at the symposium. Material from these sessions
will be used to provide revisions of the working papers which will
ultimately serve as book chapters
* Leadership is embedded within the topic areas above.
* The US Army is sponsoring the symposium and is interested in the
implications of papers in the above topic areas for Army performance in the
21st Century, when a down-sized, fast-moving force will be needed to be
able to handle many missions.
* A video and short booklet describing the 21st century environment
will be provided each author (or author team) to establish the parameters
for the working papers.

Authors do not have to be familiar with the military; they simply need to
have expertise in one of the above topic areas. Military and civilian
applications will emerge from the symposium. We do not yet have a
publisher but envision this collection being published as a book appealing
to scholars and practitioners.

I would like to have e-mails, faxes, or phone calls from those working in
one of the above or related areas and having potential interest or being
able to suggest names for us to consider. If you provide necessary
information, I will get back to you right away to explore things further.

The Army will pay all expenses and there is a small honorarium for
selected authors ( author teams). The symposium is tentatively scheduled
for late March 1996 in Chicago. As stated, only an imaginative,
preliminary working paper will be needed from authors ( author teams) on
that date. These will then be revised based on symposium input to form
the final book chapters.

I look forward to hearing from those who might have an interest.

                                        Jerry Hunt
Fax:  806-742-2099
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