Re: Anonymity in Meetings LO2736
Mon, 11 Sep 95 08:46:21 -0700

Replying to LO2724 --

Another possible reason for the CEO carefully noting the names of the
person offering the idea might be that he/she wanted to recognize and,
thereby, reward, the person for offering the idea, thus encouraging
more ideas to flow.

Joe Podolsky

Subject: Re: Anonymity in Meetings LO2724
Date: 9/10/95 2:12 PM

>I think that's a very important operation: taking the names off ideas.

>At one place I once worked, the CEO invariably tacked onto every idea that
>came up the name of the person who suggested it. His model was evidently
>that ideas needed "sponsors". But this made rational discourse all but
>impossible, since any attempt to examine an idea was necessarily interpreted
>as examining its sponsor.

>Jim Michmerhuizen
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