Evening w/Authors 9/16 Bos LO2696

Thu, 7 Sep 1995 03:03:57 -0400

If you are coming to Boston for the Systems Thinking in Action Conference
and will be arriving Saturday, September 16, we invite you to join an
evening of conversation and exploration with Mike McMaster and three other
authors of new books: Michael Jones, Dawna Markova and Andy Bryner.

An invitation follows. If interested in joining us, please contact Sheryl
Erickson at 508-278-6603 or SEErickson@aol.com for further information and
or a ticket.

You are cordially invited
to join us for an extraordinary evening of

celebration and music,
conversation and inquiry

We will gather in an elegant open air tent on the grounds of
The DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park

Lincoln, Massachusetts

September 16, 1995


Come expecting to enter the conversation and to contribute
to the exploration.

Our exploration invites us to weave three strands of inquiry:
-the intelligence of organizations
-the creative intelligence of the individual
-the intelligence of the body

...through inquiry and reflexive conversation
with four authors of new books:

The Intelligence Advantage: Organising for Complexity
by Michael McMaster

Creating an Imaginative Life
by Michael Jones

An Unused Intelligence: Physical Thinking for 21st Century Leadership
by Dawna Markova and Andy Bryner

$60 per person or $100 for two
(to share the costs of this exploration as a community of colleagues)

For more information contact: Sheryl Erickson
BRETTON WOODS Gatherings of Active Practitioners (508-278-6603)

Sheryl Erickson at 508-278-6603 or SEErickson@aol.com