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Wed, 6 Sep 95 12:42:36 PDT

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Are there any aspiring book reviewers out there? After only three weeks -
CREATING TOMORROW'S ORGANIZATION is already being reprinted.

As a consequence, the publishers (and authors!) have requests to have the
book reviewed in several journals and magazines - and we are now being
asked to suggest expert reviewers. We particularly need to find people
whose interest area is Organizational Transformation / Development / BPR
(Chapters 8,9) and Network and Learning Organization (Chapters 4,5). If
you are interested in writing a review for a journal, Kim Whiting at
Pitman/FT would like to hear from you (address below), or you can email

Also if you currently write reviews for (or edit) a relevant journal, and
would like to be considered for a review copy, please email me with
journal name/publisher details, and your mailing address. I will pass this
on to our publishers who cover most parts of the world.

Brief details about the book are attached. Thanks also to all in this
forum who have read the book and mailed us comments!


Unlocking the Benefits of Future Work
Birchall, D & Lyons L S
ISBN 0 273 61094 5

Abbreviated Table of Contents
1. Working Towards to Future
2. The Emerging Future Organization
3. The Company and Its Emerging Boundaries
4. Networking: The Future Organization Form
5. Maximizing Productivity in the Information Age: Moving to the Mobile
6. High Performance Distributed Teams
7. Learning in Organizations: New Approached for Future Work Organizations
8. Approaching Future Work
9. Managing the Transformation to Future Work

About The Authors
Professor David Birchall is Director of the Research Centre at Henley
Management College. He has spent twenty years researching and writing
about organizational change, and has extensive experience in applying new
technology in a learning environments.

Laurence S. Lyons PhD MSc is the originator of Organizational
MetaLanguage(tm) and is a member of Associate Faculty at Henley Management
College where he is co-founder and Director of Research at the Future Work
Forum at Henley.

The Future Work Forum at Henley is a group of organizations and people
concerned with managing all aspects of the developments towards Future
Work. Corporate members include major banks, IT providers, and several
other commercial and industrial blue-chip organizations. The Forum has
given evidence to government, and has been highly praised in the House of

Henley Management College one of Europe's leading business schools
currently working with 10,000 managers in 100 countries. There are
currently some 6,000 students taking distance learning courses through a
network of associate institutions in 22 countries.

Case Studies include
Tesco; Trafalgar House; Henley Management College; Price Waterhouse;
Yorkshire Water; IBM; Digital; Rank Xerox; Oxfordshire County Council
Gwynedd County Council; Austrian Regional Government; Bank of Montreal;
Andersen Consulting; Ernst & Young; New York Life

with material from: British Telecom; Mercury; Oregon Health Science
University; General Motors

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