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The document summarised below describes a process to guide the work
of business process improvement groups.

MetaProi: A Group Process for Business Process Improvement

Nereu F. Kock Jr.

Dept. of Management Systems
University of Waikato
Private Bag 3105, Hamilton
New Zealand

Project Report GP-G-1995-R5

This guide introduces and discusses MetaProi - a group
process for business process improvement (BPI). MetaProi is defined
as a set of activities, guidelines, criteria and graphical tools to be used
by business process improvement groups. BPI groups range in size
from three to seven participants who play the roles of leader, facilitator,
and group member. The group goal is to identify a business process
where improvement opportunities exist, and propose changes in order
to translate those opportunities into practical improvement.
MetaProi has three main stages: business
process definition, business process analysis, and business process
redesign. The business process definition stage is split into three
activities: identify problems, identify business processes, and select a
business process for redesign. The business process analysis stage
is split into three activities: model the business process, raise
performance information, and highlight opportunities for improvement.
The business process redesign stage is split into three activities:
search for suitable changes, incorporate changes to the BP model, and
evaluate redesign feasibility. All these activities are described as part
of the group process MetaProi and are interrelated. The main
relationship between activities is of the type predecessor-successor,
where the outputs of each activity (mainly information) are inputs for the
next activity in MetaProi.
An example that illustrates the use of MetaProi is
provided. This example involves a business process improvement
group carried out in a polytechnic. The group analyses and redesigns
the business process related to the teaching of a practical introductory
course to business computing. Group members interact via e-mail.

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