Re: Team building videos LO2649

Barry Mallis (
1 Sep 1995 08:00:31 -0400

Reply to: RE>>Team building videos LO2635

I like this thought, Michael, about how those who pursue the path of
positive interventions grow bored because of no lasting impact.

That's true of almost everything in social life!

>From "outside" our Internet list, a viewer just might come to the
conclusion that we are all bored and former practitioners of something or
other who now give vent to our paroxysmal thoughts so as to counter an
impulse toward suicide. "Where's the beef?" Who out there is applying
this "stuff of dreams" with consistent, continuous, demonstrable success?
Where has impact driven DEEP change?

Hold it! It's not so bad. No. We are reading contributions from
practitioners all over, some of whom may feel secure in the knowledge that
those they have touched in turn touch others with positive practices of
human communication and problem resolution.

I'm in business. I mean, I get paid by an employer whose goal is to make
a fair profit while providing a decent product. I suggest it's always
very far from idea (this list) to application, and much fact or data are
filtered both ways. But my beat goes on, and I thank once again each and
every contributor, because you erase any possibility of boredom from my
morning tete-a-tete with the Macintosh. And there are some extremely
valuable nuggets embedded in this vein of ours, as many of us usually
point out.

Barry Mallis