Re: Emergent Learning LO2270

Michael McMaster (
Thu, 27 Jul 1995 06:48:51 +0000

Replying to LO2233 --

Bernard says:
> We whould make a distinction between two kinds of emergent learning.
> Emergent learning of a well known technique (like riding a bicycle) and
> emergent learning of an emergent technique, skill or knwoledge.

I ask, "Are there no useful distinctions in this rich language of
ours to have these all be "just learning"? Is emergent learning
of emergent knowledge referring to inventing, innovating, creating,
experimenting, recombining, adapting? These distinctions might be
useful for developing elements that will support their occurrence.
And learning may then have a set that is specifically tailored to,
say, "acquiring knowledge that we already know exists". (In the
catchy phrase, when we know that we don't know.)

The distinction that Bernard makes points to a diffusion problem that
doesn't necessarily go with all learning. This is important.
However, we might explore the questions that will have this type of
emergent knowledge occur (I don't want to call it learning). The
process will probably rrequire a distributed or group approach of
some kind. If we are considering how to diffuse the knowledge
*before* it emerges, then we might design the emergent process to
handle ther diffusion in the process itself - or at least to help it
the diffusion along.

Michael McMaster