Re: Leadership Can Be Taught? LO2268

Andrew Moreno (
Sat, 29 Jul 1995 11:02:34 -0400

Replying to LO2258 --

Jim wrote:

>It represented a kind of polar opposite to the example we're thinking
of here: the group "couldn't get serious" about itself.


I think humor can help people "escape their world." I think this is
valuable for people to possibly identify mental models that they
operate from that conflict with their vision.

I guess humor isn't as valuable when developing vision statements.
Just for clarification, I use the word "trans-mission" sometimes,
but I could just as well use "vision."

I think Richard mentioned some "finer distinctions" in regards to
mental models. These could be useful in developing "vision"
throughout the organization.

Can an organization usefully identity their current reality or
mental models in operation without being vision-driven? I doubt it.
For me, one of the ways I learn is by noticing differences. If there's
no vision driving the identification of the current reality, then
there are less useful differences to notice. The key word is useful.
Lots of observations can be made about a current reality, but unless
they are compared to a vision statement, it's doubtful they will have
a lot of leverage.

So in a nutshell, humor can be useful, but as Richard wrote, it
requires a vision-driven organization.

Andrew Moreno