Short intro to Systems Thinking LO2255

Mathew Jacob (
28 Jul 95 02:15:19 EDT

Folks, This msg. comes your way from Mauritius - and to help those who
might be rushing for their atlases - we are off the East African coast -
and you may need a rather large map to find as the whole country is just
1800 square km.

I need a little help. I intend to conduct a short introductory session (3
hours) on systems thinking for a bunch of senior managers who've had no
formal exposure to the concept prior to this. I'd value ideas from you on:

- what should be covered in the session

- more important, ideas for short exercises 5 minutes to 30 minutes that
can be used to convey systems thinking concepts

- Any source for pre-readings that provide a simple introduction to the

You can respond through the list or direct ( -
either way I'd be happy to provide a summary to this list.

Thanks and regards,
Mathew Jacob

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