The "Laws" of Systems Thinking LO2249

Bryan Frew (
Thu, 27 Jul 95 17:30:42 PDT

I am in the process of compiling a comprehensive list of all the "laws" of
Systems Thinking with a view to getting them published.

If we consider the knowledge of systems thinking on a continuum, I think
we have these "laws" on one end of the continuum, causal loops more or
less in the centre and computer-based simulation using complex models at
the other end.

My intention is to use these "laws" as the first step in getting people to
think systemically.

The purpose of this note is to get members of the LO forum to send me
their favourite "law(s)". In return I will compile and edit the list and
send it to Rick Karash for distribution/access by list members.

So please send me your contributions directly.

ps. I already know of the list contained in "Systems 1" by Draper

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