Re: Requirements for Learning LO2239
Wed, 26 Jul 1995 11:39:59 -0400

Jack H. wrote in LO2211...

> Lilly Evans, after quoting my assertion that: "teams which set regular
> time aside for reflection practices, communications practices, and
> performance review practices benefit with both increased learning and
> improved performance", asked: "What kind of evidence, or stories do we
> know of collectively to back this assertion up?"

The best information I have seen on learning in groups/teams is the
Communities of Practice literature coming out of Xerox PARC and Institute
for Research on Learning(IRL). A good place to start is: "Organizational
Learning and Communities-of-Practice" by John Seely Brown and Paul Duguid
in ORGANIZATION SCIENCE, vol 2 no. 1, February 1991, 40-57.
Etienne Wenger of IRL is in the process of finishing a book on the

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