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Barry Mallis (
25 Jul 1995 07:37:45 -0400

Reply to: RE>>Customer Not Always Right LO2202

I like your anecdote, Ania.

In my own manufacturing company, the use of total quality tools is
suggesting in several areas that to achieve the best customer
satisfaction--and reduce credits issued for all problems, for
instance--customer education is essential. That means training and ease
of ordering to a scale never before contemplated and implemented. With
the advent of wholesale, whole scale computerization (EDI- electronic data
interchange, for example), the means of continuous customer education and
satisfaction grows closer.

Mind, in the case of my own company I'm talking about a very complex
ordering process resulting from the design- or even engineer-to-order
nature of our machines, plus thousands of potential ink formulations.
It's not simply an off-the-shelf and into the bag operation. Closenesss
to the customer is essential.

Thanks for your story, et meilleurs voeux, Neighbor.

Barry Mallis
MARKEM Corporation
Keene, NH