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Mon, 24 Jul 95 23:58 EDT

Hi: A brief introduction:

During my career in manufacturing management, I enthusiastically embraced
many of the management techniques as they emerged. Although they improved
my learning, I discovered that none of them alone were 'The Solution' to
the company challenges. I became very interested in systems thinking and
the challenge of demystifying the concepts for everyday application - I am
still working on this! I now specialise in training people how to deliver
their own solutions to improving organization effectiveness, having given
up the arrogance of knowing the answers.

I believe that learning takes place in the subconcious, and the trick is
to give the conscious mind something to occupy its attention while the
real work is going on. Inspired by the work of Thiagi I develop a lot of
single concept games in which the learning is embedded in the structure of
the game. I also sense that metaphor and stories are powerful ways of
illustrating and anchoring. I am avidly following the current thread on
emergent learning - it's great! It is dealing with all the questions I am
asking myself.

Like many others, I am on a journey of self-discovery and sharing my
learning to help to make the workplace a kinder environment. - Having fun
on the way.

Regards to all,


P.S. A wise someone said: "Learning is too important to be taken

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