Subject: Re: Emergent Learning LO2208

Gary and Lilly Evans (
24 Jul 95 19:33:07 EDT

Replying to LO2179 --

On 21st July, Tobin Quereau has made a wonderful leap, for which I am
truly grateful. He said, among other:

>... no piece or work of art is ever created _entirely_ by the artist, and
the greatest skill or "art" of creation is in sensing what is absolutely
necessary for the experience to occur, and then leaving _everything else_
to the viewer (or reader, or listener, etc.) to fill in for himself or
herself. It is the combination of _both_participants that creates the
meaning and the value in the experience.
<end quote>

There were a lot of sparks flying as a read the rest - and then by the
time I switched to write, most have gone! Only two stayed. First is the
possible link with the short book some of you may know "Managing by
Storying Around" by ? Armstrong. The way in which the stories are written
also has relevance to Barry Mallis's request in "LOST" (A Story) LO2178.

The second is the link with humour, as introduced by Andrew Moreno in
LO2127. We all know people who are unable to tell a joke. Turns out, all
humour is in the way we view or hear the story, so that what gets said or
seen is open to at least another interpretations, one that makes the story

As Tobin says:

> ... if such is the case, in our search for success we may find, perhaps,
unexpected examples of "less becoming more", and moments of silence and
reflection becoming a source for continual creativity and growth. <end

And we could all have a good laugh!

lilly evans             

"Humans have been far less helpless in the face of passion than legend makes out." THEODORE ZELDIN "An Intimate History of Humanity"