Failed BPR LO2206
Mon, 24 Jul 1995 13:39:43 -0400

Was: Guerilla Learning Org??! LO2187

>C. Ward comments on a failed BPR in a SBU within their organization
>and how they are not sure why that BPR effort failed.

Have you gone back and taken a look at why the BPR effort failed? Have you
taken a systems perspective?

Most BPR efforts focus on the technology and work processes, while failing
to address the key people and leadership issues. In the work we do with
organizational change (which can include BPR), we use a model that
includes a series of sub-systems (technology, work process, people and
leadership) and then we deal specifically with issues raised in each of
them as a result of change efforts (including BPR).

I'm not sure why guerrilla learning was coined as a phrase, but it seems
to me to imply something subversive and hidden. That is the antithesis of
what needs to be going on in organizations.

Now, there are strategies that we've used that may be seen by some as
guerrilla learning in that they do not attempt to "sheep dip" the entire
organization in the trough of change. Rather, the learning and change
efforts are highly focused and designed to work with a set of systems
dynamics that seem to characterize change and resistance to change within
organizations. (See article abstract I posted on the learning org and BRP
lists on resistance to change. They should be in the archives. If not,
please feel free to contact me. As well, current work with evolutionary
systems that we are doing is pointing to some interesting systems dynamics
that might help organizational change efforts.)

Peter von Stackelberg
Applied Futures, Inc.