LO & TQM LO2198

John A. RUSHING (rushing@alpha.acast.nova.edu)
Sun, 23 Jul 1995 09:28:13 -0400 (EDT)


If I may, I would like to raise some questions spurred by a
recent journal article.
Is the LO one wheel of the World Class Organization bicycle?
Is the TQM organization the other wheel? Or more directly, is
the World Class Organization an upgraded blend of TQM and LO?

Richard M. Hodgetts, professor at Florida International
University and widely published author suggests that there is, in
some sense, a hierarchy, with WCO at the top, in his article
"From Total Quality to Learning to World Class," in the Winter
1994 issue of Organization Dynamics. The article was co-authored
by Fred Luthans of University of Nebraska and by Sang M. Lee,
chairman of the management department of University of Nebraska-

Am I missing something? Dr. Hodgetts suggests that
TQM focuses on incremental improvement; LO focuses on paradigm
shifts and the World Class Organization combines the two. Am
I mistaken in that the LO focuses on all of the above and more?

I am a newcomer to the LO, having been introduced to the
Fifth D. in a doctoral class in organizational behavior. I
think I see much more in the LO than Dr.'s Hodgetts, Lee and
Luthans see. I do not see LO and TQM as a dicotomy.


Best regards and kind wishes to all.

John A. Rushing