Re: Measuring Learning LO2174

Jim Knight (jknight@UKANS.EDU)
Tue, 19 Jun 2029 00:01:07 +0600

Replying to LO2158 --

This is a very interesting question, but perhaps one that is a bit too
broad. What kind of learning do you wish to measure? Who will need to be
convinced by the data? These, it seems to me, are two important questions
to ask.

One method of measuring acquistion of knowledge that is quite effective is
multiple baseline design. I'd be happy to explain more about this if your

On another level, a simple standardized test of individual's ability to
learn is the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory developed by Dr.
Claire Weinstein at U of Texas at Austin. This test simply measure how
effective a learner an individual considers her/him self to be.

This topic is of interest to me, and I'd be happy to discuss it further.