Re: Databases for Shared Learning LO2170

tania.tisser (
20 Jul 95 17:30:47

Replying to LO2155 -- [ was "Emergent Learning"; subject line changed by
your host...]

In response to Rachel Silber:

>.... I recently read something interesting. Peat-Marwick,
> an international consulting company, has developed a database based on
> some commercial software that records who in their company (offices all
> over the world and so forth) has specific knowledge that they can share
> with others

> The article I read was in a recent issue of Information Week. If anyone
> could post a reference, or if someone has personal experience
> with Peat-Marwick and could comment on their system, I think it would be
> valuable to the discussion.

I can't help you about our "competitors" database (I am a senior manager in
Arthur Andersen Business Consulting Division in Brazil, but I can tell you
about our sharing of knowledge.

We have developed several databases as a way of sharing our learning
internationally: some of them are the following:
- Jobs performed (type of work, benefits, methodology and tools applied,
professionals involved, etc.)
- Skills profile (who is who, functional and industrial experience)
- Library inventory (articles, books, reports, etc.)
- Global Best Practices (best companies, best processes, best engagements,
experts on specific process, methodologies and tools, etc.)

We use Lotus Notes to integrate 69.000 consultants all over the world and to
share technical discussion, almost in real-time.

If you need more data or information - let me know.

Tnia Tisser
Arthur Andersen - Brazil